What Matters Most

Young People in Recovery

What Matters Most is a video project to inspire young people struggling with their mental health early on to voice their views on what’s happening to them and what matters most to them in recovery.

For many of us what matters most is getting better so we can pursue the things that are most meaningful to us. Having a good relationship with our families. A meaningful career. Financial stability. Friends. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. A family of our own. Purpose. And, above all, getting the support we need to get there while feeling respected in who we are, in our identities. 

If you are a young person beginning your recovery journey, we hope these real-life stories will inspire you to find your truth and share it.

If you are a provider or someone who cares about a young person who is struggling, we hope these stories will help you build trust and support them to stay engaged in recovery. 

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