Delivering culturally competence care in First Episode Psychosis

A Guide that focuses on how culture affects the care of individuals experiencing a first episode of psychosis (FEP). It describes key concepts and principles, best practices, and case examples to help individuals with FEP, their supports, and providers work together to implement culturally competent early intervention services, prevent cultural misunderstandings, and enhance recovery outcomes.

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Clinician Reasoning in the Use of Cultural Formulation to Resolve Uncertainty in the Diagnosis of Psychosis

We examined how the process of cultural formulation contributes to diagnostic assessment of patients with psychotic disorders at a specialized Cultural Consultation Service (CCS). Specifically, we investigated the reasoning process used to resolve uncertainty of psychotic disorder diagnosis in African immigrant patients referred to the CCS for assessment of possible psychotic disorder. Qualitative thematic analysis […]

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Chapter 4 - Culture and Psychosis in Clinical Practice

Abstract: The influence of culture is inextricably entwined with the experience and interpretation of psychotic symptoms. This chapter will orient clinicians to the wide array of issues at the intersection of culture, clinical practice, and psychosis, including how culture shapes the onset, meaning, course, and outcome of psychotic illness and influences systems of care; the challenges […]

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Abstract The authors apply two contemporary notions of culture to advance the conceptual basis of cultural competence in psychotherapy: Kleinman’s (1995) definition of culture as what is at stake in local, social worlds, and Mattingly and Lawlor’s (2001) concept of shared narratives between practitioners and patients. The authors examine these cultural constructs within a clinical case of an immigrant […]

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