Cross-national variations in reported discrimination among people treated for major depression worldwide: The ASPEN/INDIGO international study

Abstract Background No study has so far explored differences in discrimination reported by people with major depressive disorder (MDD) across countries and cultures. Aims To (a) compare reported discrimination across different countries, and (b) explore the relative weight of individual and contextual factors in explaining levels of reported discrimination in people with MDD. Method Cross-sectional […]

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Global pattern of experienced and anticipated discrimination reported by people with major depressive disorder: a cross-sectional survey

Summary Background Depression is the third leading contributor to the worldwide burden of disease. We assessed the nature and severity of experienced and anticipated discrimination reported by adults with major depressive disorder worldwide. Moreover, we investigated whether experienced discrimination is related to clinical history, provision of health care, and disclosure of diagnosis and whether anticipated […]

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The magnitude of and health system responses to the mental health treatment gap in adults in India and China

Summary This Series paper describes the first systematic effort to review the unmet mental health needs of adults in China and India. The evidence shows that contact coverage for the most common mental and substance use disorders is very low. Effective coverage is even lower, even for severe disorders such as psychotic disorders and epilepsy. […]

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Reading the Literatures of Asian America

SUMMARY With the recent proliferation of critically acclaimed literature by Asian American writers, this groundbreaking collection of essays provides a unique resource for students, scholars, and the general reading public. The homogeneity implied by the term "Asian American" is replaced in this volume with the rich diversity of highly disparate peoples. Languages, religions, races and […]

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Psychological Assessment in South Africa

This book provides an overview of the research related to psychological assessment across South Africa. The thirty-six chapters provide a combination of psychometric theory and practical assessment applications in order to combine the currently disparate research that has been conducted locally in this field. Existing South African texts on psychological assessment are predominantly academic textbooks […]

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Spirit Children: Illness, Poverty and infanticide in Northern Ghana

Refusing to generalize or oversimplify, Aaron R. Denham offers an ethnographic study of the spirit child phenomenon in Northern Ghana that considers medical, economic, religious, and political realities. He examines both the motivations of the families and the structural factors that lead to infanticide, framing these within the context of global public health. At the […]

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